basement waterproofing systems
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basement waterproofing systems  

What does it mean to be waterproof?
Waterproofing refers to a construction project in construction engineering and decoration engineering. Waterproofing is accurately called: ''waterproof treatment''. This project uses waterproof materials to prevent water penetration. Among the decoration works, the toilets, kitchens, balconies and other places need to be waterproofed. If it is left untreated, it will cause trouble due to water leakage during use. Therefore, the waterproof project is a construction project that cannot be omitted and must be paid attention to in the home decoration. Not only should the materials be selected, but the construction process should not be sloppy.
The reason for waterproofing?
Waterproofing is done so that everyone will not have an impact on life, work, and the environment when using water, and the house is damp or aging or color changes in the building structure. Once the water penetrates into the building, in a limited space, waiting for the sun Once exposed to the sun, heat energy is generated, and water vapor is formed. The pressure generated by this water vapor is enough to destroy the original waterproof layer, and even the surface decoration and decoration materials (for example, paint peeling, black wallpaper, tile drum For example, if a unit of water becomes water vapor, it will generate 1,240 times the pressure in the limited space inside the building. The destructiveness of this pressure will bulge the entire wall. Flaking. Generally speaking, kitchens and bathrooms need to be waterproofed.
Why should the kitchen and bathroom be waterproof?
Kitchens and bathrooms are areas where there is a lot of water in the room. If there is often water on the ground, the water is likely to leak through the gaps in the wall and into the wall. Once the drain pipe is blocked at the floor drain, the water on the ground is easy to pass through. The cement layer leaks downwards. Secondly, once the kitchen or bathroom leaks, it will waste a lot of money, manpower, and time to rework or repair. If you want to knock off the floor tiles to find the water pipes in the cement layer, check the cause of the water leakage, and then repair it, and then renew it. Additional floor tiles, etc., bring a lot of inconvenience to the life of the owners. The third point is that if the kitchen and bathroom leaks, it will affect the lives of the neighbors downstairs, bring impact and inconvenience to the lives of the neighbors, and even seriously endanger the relationship between the neighbors, turning the originally harmonious neighbors into enemies who are jealous. Embarrassed neighbors who looked up and saw their heads down. The fourth point is that if the kitchen and bathroom leak serious and cause damage to the downstairs decoration, compensation must be made, causing unnecessary economic losses. It can be seen that the impact and inconvenience caused by water leakage in the kitchen and bathroom are great. In order to avoid the occurrence of the above phenomenon, waterproof treatment should be done when decorating the kitchen and bathroom, so that prevention is better.
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